Practical Solutions to Insecurity and Illegal Migration

Over the years, there have been several developmental programs and projects in different sectors in Africa including agriculture, mining, and tourism, to mention few.

The present situation characterized by the death of many African youths including children looking for greener pasture in the western world and insecurity all over Africa shows that, the implementation approach for these programs and projects have been faulty, hence not yielding adequate result.

The problem

From experience as a practicing entrepreneur, coach and mentor for over ten years in West Africa, the major problem identified with the implementation of such programs and projects is partnership with government agencies in African countries for implementation of entrepreneurial development projects and programs without proper accountability and adequate impact.

Donor agencies at this point need to realize that, governance systems in many African countries are not transparent for effectiveness and efficiency to engender dramatic impact urgently needed for sustainable development to give hope to African citizens, neither creating an enabling environment to develop their potentials in their father’s land, which is the only road map to preventing illegal migration and insecurity in Africa.

The Practical Solution

Partnership with local professional entrepreneurial development organizations that can be held accountable for resources invested in African countries is the way to go!!!

Today’s contribution from Pace Consulting Liberia towards the development of entrepreneurs, SCOs and CBOs in Africa



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